Road Threader

Road Threader is a mobile racing/puzzle game. The player play as a mythical driver who wields power to control time. He/she can slow the time to smartly maneuver the vehicle and boost swiftly in traffic. The website of Road Threader goes here.

Road Threader originated from a game jam prototype and now evolved into a playable demo. The team consists of me and 4 more friends of mine who are all Northeastern Game Science and Design student. I am one of the game designer and the business person, which means I reached out to publishers to seek publication and support. Specifically in the team:

  • I started the idea of time-stop driving.
  • I drafted the game story.
  • I designed some of the levels and obstacle spawn patterns.
  • I designed monetization model.
  • I reached out to some publishers.
  • Also I assisted in some other works.

Now Road Threader is still under development. If you want a demo, you can contact our team by and we will send you a link to the demo (currently Android only).


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