Screenshot of Mindroom’s hand menu

Mindroom is a virtual reality (VR) workplace. The basic idea is that users can fully utilize the 3D space in VR system to work with their computer files. In Mindroom, users can:

  • Interact with files in a virtual space
  • Customize virtual rooms to store different files
  • Preview and move files freely in the virtual space
  • Work seamlessly between PC and VR

Today’s VR systems are more like gaming consoles or interactive video players than comprehensive, next-generation human computer interaction device. It might because of the high entry bar of owning a VR headset, the lack of general-purpose work applications, the inability to move bodies in workspace, etc. Another problem is that most of the today’s workflow relies on desktop systems and their peripherals. Thus, people can hardly work effectively without traditional computers.

Add a new drawer set in the environment

Mindroom wants to inspire the audience that VR headsets can serve as high efficiency HCI medium for productivity, without losing the access to traditional workflow. By directly working with the same files of computer, Mindroom users can switch quickly between VR and desktop environment and take advantages from both of them. Also, by extending the screen space from a 2D display with limited area, Mindroom can provide infinite, 3D space where users can work with their files, thanks to the VR technology.

View and store a file in Mindroom

In the latest version, Mindroom users can import, grab, preview, store, delete files of the most popular formats, like doc, jpg, ppt, pdf-s. They can grab and browse through files, and store them in different storage, like drawers. With the benefit of Method of Loci, which means to associate memory with locations, users can even remember where their files are in Mindroom better than on desktop systems.

Mindroom also serves as my graduate thesis project. For thesis full text, you can download it here.


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