What is the game about?

Curfew is a stealth game that the player manipulates with light. In the setting of WWII, the player play as a Polish spy to retrieve an important archive of underground resistance against Nazi. Nazi announced that no one could go on street after twilight. Therefore the rainy dark night with power outage is perfect chance to sneak in the base and get the archive.

The player needs to:

  • Get the archive from Nazi base and retreat in a complete dark environment
  • Hide from guards’ sights – they wield flashlights and seek unexpected lights
  • Take advantage of lightning to temporarily illuminate your path
  • Create misguiding lights to attract guards from their positions

The game is still under development and half-baked. The demo above does not show all features in the game.

What did I do in the project?

I designed the gameplay game, especially the aesthetic “manipulate with light” and the mechanics to achieve it. Two of my friends took care of the coding part.

The brief designing document I drafted is HERE (in Chinese because all teammates communicate in Chinese).


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