What the game is about?

Catering is a restaurant-running simulation board game I designed with some of my classmates. Players play as holders of restaurants, and generally cares about:

  • Where to open new restaurants
  • How many raw materials to purchase
  • What dishes to serve
  • What strategies to use to compete in the market
  • How to beat competitors in the region

The goal of the game is to earn certain amount of money before others, or each type of restaurants has its unique winning condition.

Complete rules and more details about Catering is at HERE.

What did I do in the project?

I came up with the idea of the game and took care of the overall gameplay design. I designed most of the:

  • General gameplay and revenue system
  • Recipes
  • Abilities of restaurants
  • Random events (environment card)
  • And a lot more minor work throughout the designing process

I learned and enjoyed much in this project and collaborated with my teammates very well. Now we were thinking of fine-building it with artwork and publish into commercial version.